World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

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The WRD is the best available data basis on dams in the world and we are constantly striving to better it.

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Bulletin 151

Tropical residual soils as dam foundation and fill material

Bulletin 154

Dam safety management: Operational phase of the dam life cycle

Bulletin 164

Internal Erosion of Existing Dams, Levees and Dikes, and their Foundations
Package Bulletins 2016

Package Bulletins 2016

Bulletins' Package: 2016

- Bulletin 146

- Bulletin 148

- Bulletin 157

- Bulletin 166

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Bulletin 168

Recommendations for Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation
Preprint - 172

Bulletin Preprint - 172

Technical Advancements in Spillway Design - Progress and Innovations from 1985 to 2015

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Preprint - 173

Bulletin Preprint - 173

Integrated Operation of Hydropower Stations and Reservoirs
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Preprint - 174

Bulletin Preprint - 174

Action Plan on Capacity Building
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RCC 2018

Nashville, Tennessee

November 5-7, 2018


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First International Conference on Dams

Biskra - Algeria

12 – 13 December 2018


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Africa 2019

Windhoek - Namibia

2 - 4 April 2019


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ICOLD Ottawa 2019

87th Annual Meeting

Ottawa, Canada

9-14 June 2019


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Acknowledgements WRD

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ICOLD - World Register of Dams - Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements WRD


The World Register of Dams (WRD) is a magnificent source of information for design, construction, scientifical work and statistical evaluations. It gives reference on dams of the world. It is one of the pillars of the international dam community and a show window to public with very high importance as well for ICOLD as for the National Committees in member and non-member countries.

According to the terms of reference of the Committee on the World Register of Dams and Documentation (WRDD) 2004 - 2011 the updating process for the second update 2006 of the fourth edition 1998 started with a questionnaire about the value of the WRD for users. The evaluation of the questionnaire showed very positive feedback from the users but showed their demands also, like

  •     improve the handling of WRD,
  •     improve the correctness and reliability of information,
  •     care for world wide and river basin-wide evaluation possibilities.


The committee members tried very hard to fulfill the updating process

While every care has been taken by the National Committees and responsible in collecting and recording the information furnished, neither the Central Office of ICOLD nor the National Committees and responsible can take any responsibility for any errors or omissions which might have occurred in the Update 2006 of the WRD. We owe our apologies to those who may feel slighted due to such errors or omissions.

My cordial thanks go for Vice-Chairman P. le Delliou and all committee members as well as for Central Office, who were busily involved with a huge amount of work. My sincerest thanks go also for all responsible persons in the National Committees and responsible.


See here the members’list of the Committee. (2004-2011)

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